Hardy Fox

Stage One 1972 - 2015


Stage Two 2009 - 2018

Charles Bobuck

Stage Three 2016 -

Hardy Fox

Hardy Fox was the anonymous primary composer, producer for The Residents from their beginning until 2015.

Then the Charles Bobuck pseudonym kidnapped him and forced him into musical bondage, lest he sing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" for eternity.

Selected Projects:
Meet The Residents (CD)
Not Available (CD)
Duck Stab (CD)
CUBE E (tour)
God in 3 Persons (CD)
Freak Show (CD)
Animal Lover (CD)
A useful pseudonym for Hardy Fox, Bobuck was established as an alternative musical expression. "Bobuck" continued to write and record music through 2017 when the pseudonym fell from a tall building head first.

It will hit the sidewalk eventually and explode like boiled cabbage.

Selected Projects:
Roman de la Rose (CD)
THIS (book and CD)
What Was Left of Grandpa (CD)
Plays The Residents (CD)
1967 (CD)
After the fall of Bobuck, what is even left? Perhaps a grandpa. Perhaps, Hardy Fox.

Most likely, Hardy will have to learn to play the piano and make albums for the lost ones.

Mister Fox strikes again.

Selected Projects:
The Swords of Slidell (book)
Wallpaper (story)
The Stone (Novella)

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Coming in January
A Day Hanging between Heaven and Earth
Fred Frith & Hardy Fox
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Klanggalerie, based in Vienna, Austria, is a small music label and bookshop. Their eclectic aesthetics makes them the perfect home for off-beat artists like Charles Bobuck, The Residents, and Renaldo & the Loaf.